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Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm PST
funding for this program was provided by... in el salvador, a bulldozer accidently strikes the remains of an ancient settlement. and deep below the surface, archaeologists open a time capsule 1,400 years old. here, in a broad valley in central mexico, stand the ruins of what was once the largest city in the new world. beneath an intricate complex of dwellings, archaeologists are uncovering startling evidence of family life. and in italy, as archaeologists explore the ruins of pompeii, new investigations shed light on the nature of the roman family and the surprising role of slaves. who do we live with and why ? what can these ancient families tell us about our own families ? around the world, archaeologists are looking far beyond the palaces and temples into the households of common people, bringing families to life out of the past. come forward all the way. oooh ! that's it. good. hold on me. come forward. ease the baby out with little pushes. come on. you can do it. beautiful ! the baby's coming up to you. waaahh ! keach: every newborn child immediately confronts three ba
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am PST
. are e ots big engheach famy? lovell ( translating ): this is the boundary marker el betweemy land,iel... you casee st how narrowe, isy brthe strip of land is. rrator: paulino aws a simple map to sw the layout. uh-huh. ah. narrator: doña magdalena's husba once farmed five acres. en it suor11 peoe. now itaso 3 how doy do it? más que nos aguan es has. anslator we harvest ouro can last all of thfamily-- l nine ous-- until august. if the corn runs out before august, what that means is we'll just have to start working get money to buy the corn earlier. paulino has to find other work for a good part of the year. that's whyis broer, diego, now lives in the city. he migrates seasonalfor mporary o many maya for the land? maybe e problem is the wayhe land is used. george lovell heads off to study the dominant industry of the highlands. traditionally it is marked by tall trees g low shruike is. eh, r... porías o toaganquets po translatoronig quetzalen narrator: eightquetzales-- $10 a day-- iseager wage by a standar onoffee pofhe violenceke this,vt it and grion.ross guatemala. just three pe
Nov 9, 2012 3:00pm PST
that economies have evolved out of the past. everyone who has ever lived has been part of an economic system. iel bote pesos! economic systems are simply the ways people produce, distribute and consume things -- everything and anything, from tortillas to stocks and bonds. for 10,000, 10,000 an eighth. today, as in the past, economic systems lie at the heart of how a society is organized. archaeologists search for these systems because they believe economies hold the key to understanding ancient societies. archaeologist william sanders. the economy of any given human group, any culture, is a powerful factor that affects the rest of that culture -- the social organization, the political institutions, even the ideology, the religion of a people. from my perspective, the economy of a group is one of the most powerful determinants of human behavior. keach: to archaeologists, all economies fall somewhere on a spectrum from simple to complex. in a simple economy, people grow or gather all the food they eat. they make all the things they use. households in such simple economies are almost co
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
in a sailor's trunk. este era el baúl de mi padre. finally, the trail leads back to mexico. in the highlands outside mexico city raquel faces a crisis that threatens the life of a young man. she does not know if she will get back to see don fernando before it is too late. roberto... iroberto! captioning of this program is made possible by the annenberg/cpb project and the geraldine r. dodge foundation. before you join raquel on her journey you need to know how to watch an episode of destinos. first, you should understand that in each episode of destinos you will hear three kinds of spanish. first, there is the conversational spanish spoken by the characters. mamá, esta señorita busca a la abuela. perdone, señora. soy raquel rodríguez y vengo de los estados unidos. elena ramírez. mucho gusto. mucho gusto. siento mucho molestarla pero necesito hablar con la señora suárez. ¿mi suegra? ¿por qué? bueno, es una larga historia. there is also the spanish spoken by the narrator. narrador: raquel está aquí en la esquina. ella debe virar a la izquierda. luego debe seguir derecho... pues ya
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)